About us

The name Balqis refers to Queen Balqis who lived thousands of years ago in the prosperous era of the kingdom of prophet Solomon. Balqis is queen of Sheba, an elegant and beautiful woman.The linens of Balqis Home are therefore characterized by luxury, quality and designs with age-old traditions.

The name Balqis shows that embroidery is timeless. For thousands of years, people have enjoyed craft embroidery. With embroidery you distinguished yourself socially, women of the upper class decorated their clothes with rich embroidery and decorated their home with beautifully decorated cushions and curtains. There is also a tradition that goes back centuries, girls who worked for years before their release. Handmade embroidered sheets, pillowcases and napkins in colorful designs, we breathe new life into old traditions.

Balqishome strives to produce linen of unparalleled quality. We work with 100 percent cotton, only the finest fibers and the most skilled artisans to manufacture a range of products that embody comfort, luxury and creativity. Our bed linen are chic and have original unique designs, inimitable finishes and a royal feeling. It's quality can be found in many of the world's most precious hotels.

Balqis Home supplies each duvet cover with two matching cushion covers or optionally a complete set of duvet cover with four pillowcases and a sheet. These products are coordinated with each other in terms of design. If you have any questions, you can contact me. Enjoy our webshop. Sleep queenly like Balqis!